Challenger Learning Center


Return to the Moon or Voyage to Mars in our interactive space mission simulator!







Your visit to the Challenger Learning Center (CLC) is not just a field trip — it’s a journey of exploration!  The CLC will transform you into a scientist, engineer, or researcher on a simulated space mission, complete with a Mission Control and Spacecraft. From the moment of lift-off to the completion of the mission, all participants will become critical members of a team as they work to complete their mission objectives as both mission controllers and astronauts.


Spacecraft Challenger Learning Center



The simulation creates a cooperative learning atmosphere underscored by teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Crew members must solve real-life problems using math, science, and technology to successfully complete their mission. Each team is critical, and the success of the mission is dependent upon their work!









By reservation only. Limited to groups of 16-34 participants per mission. Participants must be in 5th grade or higher.


Download a copy of our Group Reservation form HERE to book your group’s mission today!

For more information about our simulated missions call (562) 231-1200.


For scheduled groups: To download a copy of the Crew Manifest, please click here (includes descriptions of all team tasks).  Your Crew Manifest must be completed before your group arrives for their scheduled mission.

Click here for more information on the “Return to the Moon” mission.

Click here for more information on the “Voyage to Mars” mission.

Teacher Resources from CLC National (including optional pre- and post-lessons)

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