Impossible Science Lab

We are extremely excited to announce a brand new traveling exhibit that is coming to the CMSC! The “Impossible Science Lab” will be taking over the CMSC from Saturday, April 23rd through Sunday, May 1st. Come by and experience all new hands-on activities, experiments, and exhibits.

“The Impossible Science Lab will be a hands-on, interactive event that explores the science behind the seemingly impossible. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn how to turn objects invisible, explore levitation, play with the science of mind control, discover impossible figures and even learn how to walk on water. This event will examine the question “what is possible?” and use visual and interactive experiences to show how the seemingly impossible can become possible through curiosity and knowledge.

The “Impossible Science Lab” was created by Jason Latimer. Jason is one of the judges, along with Penn & Teller, on Syfy’s magic competition TV series, “Wizard Wars.” He is a scientist, three-time World Champion of Magic, winner of the BBC One’s The Magicians, and a huge education advocate! Jason’s research based out of the Fleet Science Center in San Diego, CA and his various university lectures on the topics of invisibility, teleportation, transformation and making other “impossibilities” possible through applied science has gathered recognition in science and education communities around the world.”


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