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Are your ready for a day of Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology? Then join us for City of STEM 2017, Saturday, April 22, at the Columbia Memorial Space Center.

Downey, CA, January 20, 2017: The Columbia Memorial Space Center (CMSC) will be hosting an ‘Astronaut Commemoration’ on Saturday, January 28th. Join us in celebrating the astronauts of the Challenger, Columbia, and Apollo I, all of whom were lost on our trek to the stars. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 1 […]

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All teachers are welcome to attend any of our “Open Houses” for a free look at our center and information on field trips.  Family and friends of a teacher are also welcome to attend but must pay the admission fee of $5. Teacher I.D. must be shown at the door for free admission.