Defying Gravity (Theatre Production)

This is the return of the production of Defying Gravity
by Jane Anderson, a compelling play about the
Challenger space shuttle tragedy. After a successful
short run in 2013, the Space Center reached out to
Downey Arts Coalition to bring the show back as
part of it City of STEM events in the month of April.
Performances: April 28, 29, 30 – 2017 in our backyard amphitheater.
Tickets are $20 ($15 students & members of the CMSC).

Defying Gravity explores the emotional core of the 1986 Challenger Space Shuttle disaster, artfully weaving together the lives of participants and bystanders. The civilian teacher leads us through the excitement of the opportunity before her, juxtaposed with the deeply felt grief of her daughter, balanced with the bold aspirations of elderly tourists who drive to watch the launch, the guilt felt by a NASA mechanic, and even the parallels drawn from Painter Claude Monet’s artistic quest. The play explores our need to reach beyond ourselves and dare the universe.