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We are extremely excited to announce a brand new traveling exhibit that is coming to the CMSC! The “Impossible Science Lab” will be taking over the CMSC from Saturday, April 23rd through Sunday, May 1st. Come by and experience all new hands-on activities, experiments, and exhibits. “The Impossible Science Lab will be a hands-on, interactive […]

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The Columbia Memorial Space Center, located in Downey, California, is a hands-on learning center dedicated to bringing the wonder and excitement of science and innovation to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  Through world-class programs and engaging exhibits, the Space Center strives to ignite a community of critical and creative thinkers.


  Summer Camps

Engineering, Astronaut Training, Robotics, and 3D Printing 

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Come build, learn and explore in our brand new engineering camp.  Engineers make the world go round; they create our houses, cars, and even our beloved cellphones. We’ll build bridges, learn about electricity (making battery powered lightsabers), clean energy (constructing solar powered rovers), and so much more!  If you have ever been curious about what it takes to be an engineer, come join us this summer to see what it is all about!


Ever wanted to be an astronaut when you grow up? Why wait! Come train with us and you can be in the first class of CMSC Astronauts. See if you have what it takes to survive on Mars’ surface all the while learning about the red planet. Our staff will train you in physical activities, planetary science, and engineering to ensure you are ready for our first MARS MISSION.


Come join us this summer at our Robotics Camp!

4th and 5th graders will be learning all about the basics of robotics. Why do we need robots? What do we do with them? We will give you Robotics 101! You will be programming and building extensions for our NXT robots. Play robot tag and more fun games in our class set up for Robotics beginners!

Our 6th to 8th graders will be programming our EV3 robots to do multiple critical tasks on our Mars surface. Work in teams to rescue stranded astronauts, gather important rock samples for our researchers, and do cool tricks with our robots too!


3D Printing:

Ever want to create your own figurine? Well now you have the opportunity to do just that! Come join us this summer in our 3D-Printing Workshop.  Learn how to build and design your own 3D models on the computer and watch as your design prints right before your eyes!




Astronaut Leland Melvin at the Columbia Memorial Space Center


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